onique Guild, Business Intuitive and Wealth Builder is an internationally known expert in turning business' and careers around that have become stuck. She quickly diagnosis and determines barriers to success. In her no-nonsense style, Monique evaluates you / your business / your project, pinpoints personal blocks(as it effects the business on an atomic level)and identifies the actions, that change your business future and increase profits.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself... How far can my business go? What are my true strengths? What should I really be doing in my career? Why do I feel so stuck and stressed out personally? What is my next step?

Monique was born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised in New Orleans by her psychiatrist father and a mother, an actress, who socialized with the likes of Tennessee Williams. Monique comes from pioneers on both sides of her family. Monique's maternal grandfather, a psychiatrist Sir Victor Borg, was knighted by the King of Norway, for his work with alcoholics and addicts and she is the sixth great-grand daughter of Captain James Cook.

Monique attended Louisiana State University where she studied, Pre-Law Business and majored in Psychology. Being a third generation actress (grandmother Ingeborg Cook, and mother Kari Borg) her love of acting brought her to New York. Monique then made the move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry.

It was there, Monique decided to go behind the camera and took a position at Showtime Networks, whereupon she was quickly promoted to Marketing Coordinator in charge of 130 cable affiliates across the United States. Shortly after, she was hired by Great Expectations as their National Director of Success Stories. It was there that she gained recognition for placing people "sight unseen" in media events nationwide. By using her intuitive insight, she had an "on-target" ability to hone in on which clients would represent Great Expectations properly. She worked on many different media venues, including placing clients on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The Los Angeles Times caught wind of her ability and featured Monique in the Metro section, describing her as a "bubbly Sherlock Holmes".

It was director Mark Travis who said to Monique, "you have a gift, and you need to do something with it." Hence, Monique Guild, Business Intuitive and Wealth Builder was born.

Monique has an inherited ability that is helping to change the world in how business' think and operate.

Monique states, "It's always the personal stuff that gets the business stuff blocked. People do not realize that it's their undercurrent energy on an atomic level; that's the point of attraction, in their business life. I'm able to access more of my brain and know what that undercurrent energy is that is effecting the business, thereby; creating change and increase in profits. I come from a long line of Doctors in my family. I've studied and I'm hardwired neurologically to love science and explain scientifically, why what I do works."

The world is in such a state of flux and serious change. Her clients learn to take responsibility for and clean up their personal energy, on an atomic level, that affect their business and ultimately; the world.

Internationally, Monique conducts workshops on Intuitive Goal™ strategies and Wealth Building for individuals and corporations. She's worked with CEOs; family businesses in transition, diplomats, foreign leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, celebrities, politicians, globally the largest green commercial sustainable builders, artists and athletes to optimize their maximum potential and increase profits.

Monique is currently authoring a book, in development for television based on her work and creating The Monique Guild Institute.

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