“Monique is a gifted business consultant. She will teach you how to clear away what is blocking your business and focus on what increases profits." -- Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., author of MEN ARE FROM MARS WOMAN ARE FROM VENUS

"Monique has dedicated her life to the understanding of intuition and how to help others make the most of its usage in their business success." Walter O'Brien, CEO of SCORPION Computer Services. –- based on Walter O’Brien, CBS SCORPION

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ onique Guild, Business Intuitive, Goal Strategist and Wealth Builder is one of the greatest leading global experts in transforming any career or business that's become stuck or blocked. With her laser sharp abilities, she intuitively identifies barriers to success with precision, resulting in a spot-on diagnosis, measurable in personal fulfillment and financial results.

Monique states, "I know the undercurrent energy on an atomic and molecular level, that's affecting the business and solutions to turn that energy around. I come from a long line of Doctors. I've studied science in many different facets, and I'm hardwired neurologically to explain in a clinical fashion, why what I do works and the exact steps needed to improve your businesses productivity."

Have You Ever Asked Yourself… • How far can my business go? • What are my true strengths? • What should I really be doing in my career? • Why do I feel so stuck? • What is my next step?

In her direct style, she evaluates you/ your business / your project and sees what's causing your current outcomes. She pinpoints blocks and identifies actions needed for success. Issues that may perplex financial experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy.

She works with individuals to CEO'S, CFO's, Partners and Owners to strategize and develop optimum solutions. She then "rolls-up" her sleeves navigating the waters and guiding key players, as they overcome hurdles and achieve the desired results.

For over 20 years, clients have consulted with Monique for her expertise and insight. Globally, she's optimized the maximum potential for people who are creating new possibilities in their career lives. She's worked with CEO's, family businesses in transition, diplomats, foreign leaders, tech industry professionals, scientists, inventors, investment bankers, venture capitalist, one of the world's largest coffee growers, celebrities, politicians, the largest green commercial builders, artists and athletes. (Endorsements available upon request).

Monique's inherent ability to transform the very fiber of how careers and businesses think and operate is an exciting process to experience. Her out-of-the-box imaginative leaps are instinctive, unexpected, and often considered magical, sparked by intuition, not only by analogical rigor.

Clients Have Sought Monique's Skills For:

• Business Insights

• Crisis Intervention

• Global Security

• Business Intelligence

• Strategic Insights

• Insight Into Possible Mergers or Partners

• Resolution of Internal Conflict Within Family Business In Order To Increase Productivity

• Political Campaigns

• Business/Career is Stuck

• Seemingly Unsolvable Business or Career Situation

• Business Loss of Revenue

• Other Mediators, Consultants and Interventionists Unable To Resolve Crisis

• An Athlete Is Undermining Him/Herself And No One Has Figured The Cause And Resolution

• Partners Not Producing And Finding a Resolution To Help Increase Production

• Possible Dissolution Of Partnership

• Products Not Selling

• Identifying Repetitive Patterns and Identifying Immediate Solutions

• Deals Are Not Closing

• Business Development

• Investments Strategies

• Inventions

• Content Strategy

• Think Tanks

Born in Jackson Mississippi, and raised in New Orleans, by her psychiatrist father and a mother who is an actress (who happens to speak six languages, father was knighted by the King of Norway and is the sixth great grand-daughter of Capt. James Cook.and has socialized with the likes of Tennessee Williams). She quickly learned how to survive in an environment for the not-faint-at-heart and identified key people who could help her to overcome obstacles and move forward.

Monique attended Louisiana State University where she studied pre-Law business and majored in psychology. Her love of acting brought her to New York to study with renowned Bill Alderson of the Neighborhood Playhouse. Her New York experience spanned over four years and included a run on As the World Turns.

Monique made the move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry and shortly after arriving she found herself quickly in negotiations with the daytime Soap Opera General Hospital for a contract role. She went on to be represented APA, The William Morris Agency and The Brokaw Company.

She then decided, to go behind the camera and took a position as a receptionist at Showtime Networks where she was quickly promoted to Assistant Marketing Coordinator in charge of 130 cable affiliates across the United States. Soon after, she was hired by Great Expectations as their National Director of Success Stories. It was there that she excelled in applying her gift with on-target placement of people in media events and television show nationwide, including the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her work caught the attention of The Los Angeles Times and she was featured on the cover of the Metro Section. The Los Angeles Times touted Monique as the “Bubbly Sherlock Holmes.”

During this time, Monique was hired by Scott Zakarin to play the role of Joanne in the first Interactive Soap Opera titled The Spot. She also starred in numerous independent films.

Monique nationwide accomplishments soon caught the eye of MacLaine Enterprises. She was hired as key liaison for Shirley MacLaine and her agent and publicist. After a one-year stint, Monique accepted a position with Film and TV Director Mark Travis, the creator of the film “A Bronx Tale’, it was Travis who said; “Monique, you have this amazing gift and ability to ‘see’ and zero in or people and their businesses, you really have to take this to the next level.”

It was then Monique launched: Monique Guild, Business Intuitive.

She has appeared on numerous radio and cable TV shows nationwide such as The Aware Show, with Lisa Garr, Innervisions with Nita Vallens, and Roy of Hollywood among many others. The response from these shows was incredible. Business executives began calling Monique asking her to help them and quickly learned that she can walk into any business situation and uncover what is blocking success.

With Monique’s achievements in the Entertainment Industry and her business, she has married the two by starting her production company. Her first project being a documentary that she directed, filmed, produced, etc. (while traveling with her two dogs) across the nation titled ‘6,150’. While filming she caught the attention of media across the nation including NBC News. The theme of the documentary later transformed into The Business Symposium at the Conscious Life Expo, which Monique created, directed and interviewed very successful world-renowned individuals, such as Dr. John Gray who wrote Men Are From Mars Woman Are From Venus, that had overcome major obstacles to achieve success. The theme once again transformed into one of the top weekly shows, on an internet network titled "Conversations with Monique Guild". To view footage visit https://www.youtube.com/user/MoniqueGuild.

In "Conversations With Monique Guild", Monique interviewed world-renowned people that had overcome enormous obstacles and achieved enormous success. Guests have ranged from Dr. John Gray, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anne-Marie Bennstom, who founded the Ashram to Ramy El-Batrawi, a man who went from living in a car to being Adnan Khashoggi's right-hand person.

“If you have a dream...” says Guild…if it is truly your desire, truly in your heart more than anything else, I believe it is meant to come to fruition.... We must trust and have faith and no matter what, don't give up and keep moving forward!”

In Conversations With Monique Guild, we learn how a person thinks, in order to go from Major Obstacles to Major Success. To learn more about “6,150” and Conversations with Monique visit her web-site moniqueguild.com, click on Newsletters and view clips on her YouTube channel.

Monique's book launch is Fall of 2015. She is also, currently in development for a television series based on her work.

E-mail: productioncoordinator@moniqueguild.com
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