onique Guild, Business Intuitive, Goal Strategist and Wealth Builder is a global expert in transforming stalled corporations, businesses and careers. With her laser sharp intuitive accuracy, she quickly diagnoses and determines barriers to success.

In her no-nonsense style, she has an uncanny ability to zero in, evaluate you / your business / your project, pinpoint issues and identify actions needed for success. Issues that may perplex financial experts and consultants, Monique can determine with lightning speed and accuracy.

Touted in The Los Angeles Times as being a "Bubbly Sherlock Holmes", her out-of-the-box imaginative leaps are instinctive, unexpected, and at times magical. Leaps sparked by intuition, not analogical rigor. Having grown up in an environment, for the not 'faint at heart' sharpened her intuitive skills from a very early age. She states "Sometimes our biggest obstacles as children end up becoming the biggest blessing as an adult. As long as, the individual identifies and turns the original energy around."

Monique brings her laser sharp focus and solutions to:
  • Projects that are stuck
  • Products that are not selling
  • Partners that are not producing
  • Deals that are not closing
  • Hiring and promotion decisions
  • Family businesses that have come to a halt
  • Mediate, intervene, manage and resolve the crisis within the business
  • Future knowledge of the business
  • Future knowledge of partners
  • Potential partnerships and mergers
  • Seemingly unsolvable situations
    • Internationally, Monique conducts workshops on Intuitive Goal™ strategies and Wealth Building for individuals and corporations. She's optimized the maximum potential and increased profits for CEOs; family businesses in transition, diplomats, foreign leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, celebrities, politicians, environmental commercial builders, artists and athletes.(Endorsements upon request).

      MONIQUE'S BACKGROUND extensive and varied. Hired by Showtime Networks, she was quickly promoted to Marketing Coordinator in charge of 130 cable affiliates across the United States. Directly, following her run with Showtime, she was sought out by Great Expectations as their National Director of Success Stories. It was there that she gained recognition for her on-target placement of people "sight unseen" in media events nationwide. By using her intuitive insight and ability to read a situation, she achieved 100% accuracy in securing clients that would represent Great Expectations. She worked with many different media venues, including client placement on the world renowned Oprah Winfrey Show. The Los Angeles Times caught wind of her unique ability; they featured her in the Metro section which gave birth to the aforementioned "Bubbly Sherlock Holmes".

      Monique’s nationwide accomplishments soon caught the eye of MacLaine Enterprises and was hired as a key liaison for Shirley MacLaine. After a one-year stint, Monique accepted a position with film and television Director Mark Travis, who was the creator of the film "A Bronx Tale." It was Travis who said: “Monique, you have this amazing gift/ability to ‘see’ and zero in on people and their businesses. You have to take this to the next level.” So, Monique, who had been helping people improve their lives and their businesses virtually since childhood, started her own business: Monique Guild; Business Intuitive.

      The response to Monique's appearance on numerous radio and cable TV shows globally was unprecedented. Internationally, business executives began seeking Monique's consultation skills for their troubled scenarios. It instantaneously became apparent that Monique can walk into any business situation, no matter what dynamic, and uncover what is obstructing success.

      With Monique's inherited ability to change the very fiber of how international businesses think and operate, coupled with her love of the entertainment industry, it's exciting to see what lays ahead in her future endeavors.

      Monique states, "It's always the personal challenges that get the business productivity blocked. People do not realize that it's their personal undercurrent energy; that's the point of attraction, in their business life. I'm able to determine, what that undercurrent energy is personally, that is affecting the business, thereby; creating a positive change both personally and professionally. I come from a long line of Doctors. I've studied science in many different facets, and I'm hardwired neurologically to explain in a clinical fashion why what I do works."

      Monique is completing her first book, in development for television based on her work and creating The Monique Guild Institute.

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