onique Guild, Futurist, Business Intuitive and Wealth Builder is a global expert in turning around any business. With her laser sharp abilities, she intuitively identifies barriers to success with precision, resulting in a spot-on diagnosis, measurable in financial results.

In her direct style, she evaluates you/ your business / your project and sees what's causing your current outcomes. She pinpoints blocks and identifies actions needed for success. Issues that may perplex financial experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy.

She works with CEO'S, CFO's, Partners and Owners to strategize and develop optimum solutions. She then "rolls-up" her sleeves navigating the waters and guiding key players, as they overcome hurdles and achieve the desired results.

For over 20 years, clients have consulted with Monique for her expertise and insight. Internationally, she's optimized the maximum potential for CEO's, family businesses in transition, diplomats, foreign leaders, tech industry professionals, scientists, inventors, investment bankers, venture capitalist, one of the world's largest coffee growers, celebrities, politicians, the largest green commercial builders, artists and athletes. She's consulted with Fortune 500 companies with revenues in the 10 to 200 million dollar range. (Endorsements available upon request).

Her out-of-the-box imaginative leaps are instinctive, unexpected, and often considered magical, sparked by intuition, not only by analogical rigor. Growing up in an environment, for the not 'faint at heart', she started sharpening her inherited intuitive ability at a very early age. Later resulting in a feature cover, of the METRO section, in The Los Angeles Times touted as being the "Bubbly Sherlock Holmes".

Monique's insight and ingenuity is most often sought when;

  • products are not selling
  • partners are not producing
  • projects are stuck
  • deals are not closing
  • the business is hemorrhaging cash
  • a successful business has not figured out what's caused the business to become stuck
  • a successful business is eager to go to the next level however; has not figured out a way to make that leap
  • other mediators, consultants, and interventionist haven't managed to resolve the crisis within the business
  • a family business has come to a halt
  • future insight into partners or possible mergers is needed
  • there is a possible dissolution of partnerships
  • more unsolvable situations occur
  • CEO's, Partners, Owners have lost their enthusiasm and direction
  • Monique's inherent ability to transform the very fiber of how businesses think and operate is an exciting process to experience.

    Monique states, "I come from a long line of Doctors. I've studied science in many different facets, and I'm hardwired neurologically to explain in a clinical fashion, why what I do works and the exact steps needed to improve your businesses productivity."

    Monique's book launch is Fall of 2015. She is also, currently in development for a television series based on her work.

    E-mail: productioncoordinator@moniqueguild.com
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