onique Guild, Business Intuitive, Goal Strategist and Wealth Builder is a global expert in turning around any type of business that is fighting to meet its goals and objectives. With her laser sharp intuitive ability, she quickly diagnoses, identifies barriers to success and produces RESULTS that need to happen NOW.

In her sincere/direct style, she has an uncanny ability to zero in, evaluate you / your business / your project, pinpoint challenges and identify actions desired for success. Issues that may perplex financial experts and consultants for years, Monique can determine with lightning speed and accuracy.

Clients come to Monique for her experience and RESULTS. They come to her when their best efforts aren’t yielding the results they need. Like other consultants, she works with CEO'S, CFO's, Partners and Owners to determine and develop solutions. Unlike other consultants, she then "rolls-up" her sleeves and sticks with them to overcome obstacles and achieve the needed RESULTS that need to happen NOW.

Touted in The Los Angeles Times as being a "Bubbly Sherlock Holmes", her out-of-the-box imaginative leaps are instinctive, unexpected, and at times magical. Leaps sparked by intuition, not analogical rigor. Having grown up in an environment, for the not 'faint at heart' she sharpened her intuitive skills from a very early age.

Why do clients come to Monique? When...
  • projects are stuck
  • products are not selling
  • partners are not producing
  • deals are not closing
  • the business is hemorrhaging cash
  • hiring and promotion decisions are needed
  • family businesses have come to a halt
  • other mediations, consultants, and interventions haven't managed to resolve the crisis within the business
  • future knowledge and decisions are needed for the business
  • future insight of partners or possible mergers is needed
  • potential partnerships are dissolving
  • more unsolvable situations are occurring
  • Internationally, she's optimized the maximum potential and increased profits for CEOs, family businesses in transition, diplomats, foreign leaders, fourth generation coffee growers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, celebrities, politicians, environmental commercial builders, artists and athletes, to name a few. She consults with businesses with revenues between $10 to $200 million.(Endorsements upon request).

    The response to Monique's appearance on numerous radio and cable TV shows globally is unprecedented. Internationally, business executives seek Monique's consultation skills for their troubled scenarios. It's apparent that Monique can walk into any business situation, no matter what dynamic, and uncover what is obstructing success. Recently, Monique was featured in Dagens Næringsliv, Norway’s largest business newspaper with a circulation of 80,595 in 2013 (daily). Dagens Næringsliv publishes news, investigative reporting, commentary, analysis and debate concerning Norwegian business and society. DN keeps a critical eye on the key players and companies in the financial and business sectors.

    With Monique's inherited ability to change the very fiber of how international businesses think and operate, coupled with her love of problem solving, it's exciting to see what lies ahead in her future endeavors.

    Monique states, "I come from a long line of Doctors. I've studied science in many different facets, and I'm hardwired neurologically to explain in a clinical fashion why what I do works."

    Monique is completing her first book, in development for television based on her work and creating The Monique Guild Institute.

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